Powering today and tomorrow with fuels in transition to making Ireland Carbon Neutral by 2050

March 3, 2021

Virtual Summit




3rd March 2021

Virtual Summit



With the increasingly urgent need to achieve Ireland’s target emissions levels, there is now significant industry and Government pressure to reduce our carbon footprint post haste. This battle will be fought on a number of fronts. The obvious one is transport as 68% of all oil used is in transport – whether it be roads, agriculture, aviation or maritime. This will mean that electric, hybrid, hydrogen, bio-fuels and low carbon fuels will all need to be looked at in detail as options for the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light some very interesting facts in Ireland according to the EPA’s latest Environmental Report. Petrol consumption is down almost 50% and diesel is down 35%, with an overall decline in road traffic of 68%. Air traffic is down 98%. All this has caused our emissions in Dublin alone to reduce by 38%.  However, home heating consumption has doubled as more people are working from home and as winter kicks in our fossil fuel fires are causing our emission levels to rise again.   This detailed COVID-19 EPA report demonstrates perfectly how our use of fuels will have to change over the coming years.

The oil that fuels our lives across a range of industries is also contributing significantly to our carbon footprint; whether it is transport, heavy manufacturing, home & building heating, agriculture, industrial processing, mining or electricity production. How will each of these sectors adapt to achieve our targets?

The necessary changes will have direct ramifications for the fuel providers in Ireland and knock-on effects for fuel storage facilities and the service station forecourts. The industry needs to be ready to adapt and lead the way around these impending changes. Addressing these issues now and putting a strategy in place will help future-proof your business. It is a case of adapt or be left behind. There will be no place for the combustion engine or kerosene heated homes by 2050.

It is also vital for the industry to look at advancements in vehicle technologies and fuel developments as a critical part of a sustainable solution to our environmental problems. These new developments can offer a vast range of business opportunities for the sector as well as job creation.

‘Fossil fuels cannot be the basis of Ireland’s long-term energy plans, or the basis of our industry’s long-term business strategy. The fuels on which we depend today will not be those that power Ireland’s tomorrow’  Kevin McPartlan – CEO, Fuels for Ireland

At the Business Post’s inaugural Fuels for Ireland Summit 2021, industry stakeholders will come together to discuss the best route forward and what this will mean for Ireland, Irish fuel and the industry as a whole, as well as its goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.


  • The changing nature of fuels and the path to being carbon neutral by 2050
  • Industry specific strategies for change
  • How to incorporate alternative fuels into power sources
  • The latest developments in electric and low carbon fuels, including bio-fuels
  • The service station forecourt of the future 
  • Future proofing a fuel business
  • Use of electric, hydrogen and low carbon fuels by the automotive, aviation, maritime and agriculture sectors
  • How to overcome the barriers to widespread adoption with key cross-sector players


Who should attend:

  • Companies involved in the importation, distribution & marketing of petroleum products
  • Fuel Developers
  • Forecourt Representatives
  • Franchisees
  • Fuel Technology Providers
  • Engine Developers
  • Regulatory and government agencies
  • Affiliate agencies and associations
  • Planning specialists
  • Local authorities
  • Service providers
  • Environmental bodies
  • Vehicle manufacturers and distributors
  • Utility companies
  • Banks, finance and investment firms
  • Law firms and academia

The Virtual Summit

To adapt to the current environment and the growing demand for delegates to enjoy the conference experience in an online manner, the Fuels for Ireland  2021 will come to you as a first of its kind virtual event.

While our delegates will join in from the comfort of their homes and offices across Ireland and around the world, the event itself will be broadcast live from our dedicated studio in Dublin. Many of our speakers and panellists will appear live on stage, while our international keynotes and participants will be video-conferenced in to join the conversation.

Delegates will have the opportunity to step into the unique virtual summit environment, which includes access to the main virtual conference stage for the full day, live speaker & panel Q&A sessions, a virtual exhibition hall, copies of presentations & content post-event, as well as the opportunity to network, connect and chat with fellow online attendees, speakers and partners in real time.


The Virtual Summit Experience:

Virtual attendance will be easily facilitated by our specially customised conferencing platform and dedicated AV team.

Benefits of virtual attendance include:

  • Access to Virtual Main Stage for all keynotes, presentations and debates
  • Q&A Sessions with our speakers
  • Video content 
  • Opportunities to meet 100’s of attendees virtually, and set up meetings and conversations
  • Online virtual exhibition hall
  • Meet the industry using our matchmaking and profiling facilities
  • Copy of attendee list post-event
  • Copy of all presentations post-event


Earlybird virtual ticket rates are available for a limited time only.

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